Gimme Love

There's something I've got
I don't know why
It pushes all the time to go out.
I know you can solve this!
This push to the left
And to the right.

Day after day,
There's no money that can pay
What I feel about you
Please calm this cool impulse

Gimme Love, Gimme Love
I'm fainting for you
Gimme Love, Gimme Love
Don't you see I want you
Gimme Love, Gimme Love
Follow you as a dog
Don't run away my baby
It's something you can`t stop

Gimme, Gimme Love

I like
everything about you
Honey you could go so far
Baby you could always
change my heartbeats!
You can do more than that.

My blood is hot
I'm hot for you
I'm burnt, It's true
So true