Drop Dead

The Gospel

Life is just a game
but i guess that i will never ever win
everything is the same
the more things has changed is less the change they made
and we are covered with rags
and we are looking out for flaws
just to hide our evenness, thus spake i Will B. sad

inocence is missed
but we find another ways to kill our dread
ignorance is bliss
in a state in wich disilusion is the path
let aside what you don't care
live by your self interest
and you will be on Forbes', thus spake i Will B. sad

then everyone turned over me
and i felt the cold of the fear
and my shadow turns my dreams to death
then everything seems so apart
and i used to cry in the dark
and the cross to load was my own mind

the reflection is not a crime
conformism as a law
do to other what they do to you
i Will B. sad