When you are a liar no one can trust you.
You know the lesson well, I have betrayed you.
I didn’t notice I can be fragile.
That I can love you but I can’t find my way.

Do you remember when our lives were so much fun?
Our minds were so detached from all those loaded guns.
I should admit I’m not what you were looking for.
I should quit every vice to love myself once more.

I can’t find answers to my own questions.
It’s just a way to say I’m not outrageous.
Once more you showed me you have the last word.
This time I’m speechless, you left me hanging on.

How will you hold me now when you’re outside my dreams.
I just keep reaching out trying to touch your wings.
I thought you’d never die, you knew you’d never live.
I understand it now, too late for me to see.
It seems so empty now that you’re so far away.
I should have changed your mind, I should have made you stay.
I can’t remember why I chose to let you go.
Can’t keep my promise now, my shelter is too old.
You knew you’d never die, I thought you’d never win.
How could I know it’s true?
Farewell, goodbye my love.