This is my time to punch back.
I’ve been knocked down ever since you took him away.
I just want my whole life back where it belongs.
Punish me for that.
It’s free, go on, it’s free.

Tell me, god, what can I do for you now?
You did so much, I want to pay you back.
This is between you and me.
Why did you take him away?

I have not much left to give.
So this is my final offer, I think you’d better take it.
There’s no such thing as tears of joy, I blame you for that.
Vanish in the dark, why won’t you disappear?

Wound and knife at the same time.
What would I do with a second chance?
This is my résistance against you, against all odds.
I don’t believe you anymore.
I don’t believe in you.